An Expert’s Guide to Move Your House with Extra Care during COVID-19 Pandemic

Even at the best possible times, moving your house can be challenging! But in the current situation when COVID-19 is on its peak, moving can be an extraordinarily daunting task, as the global health crisis has brought some uncertainties with it.

Though there is still a possibility that you can move your house in the coming time but the process won’t be the same as before. Now you have to be extra careful while moving as you aren’t just moving your home, but also you have to safeguard yourself from COVID-19.

At Your Sydney Removalists, we have compiled an expert’s guide to move your house during the pandemic, and it will surely assist you in moving to your new abode safely.

Step 1: Check for any Territory/State Restrictions.

Some states/territories in Australia have imposed restrictions on moving houses keeping in mind the safety of their residents. You need to check whether the area you are moving to falls under the restricted category. If yes, then wait for restrictions to get lifted, and then plan accordingly to move your house.

Every territory has distinct guidelines that can impact the move. For example, the Western Australian authorities have imposed restrictions on interstate travel, and you need an exemption to move there, which is not easy to get. Check this article to learn more about travel restrictions imposed in Western Australia.

In case, the region you are planning to move has no restrictions at all, then you can focus on step number 2.

Step 2: Get in Touch with a Renowned Removalist

Removalist services are categorized under essential services, so you should get in touch with a renowned removalist like Your Sydney Removalists. We are well aware of all the restrictions imposed by the authorities and the preventive measures advised during COVID-19 pandemic.

You cannot move your house all alone, and it is imperative to have someone experienced by your side. Moreover, with the best removalists in Sydney, you will get some extra information about moving your house so things will be hassle-free, and you can expect a nearly smooth experience.

Step 3: Manage the Utility Connection

Arranging new connections and disconnecting old utility services is an essential part of moving. You should inform the utility service provider about the date of moving so that you can plan the move proactively.

Most of the utility service providers are active during the pandemic, but they are operating with less staff, so there’s a chance that you have to reschedule the move. The break out of COVID-19 has impacted almost every industry and you can expect a slowdown in the process carried out by the utility service provider.

Step 4: Arrange Packing Materials

So you are all done with informing the utility service provider? Well, now you have to arrange the packing material to prepare your stuff for the move. Being an expert in the industry, we suggest you go for new packing boxes and other essentials due to the effects of COVID-19.

If you are finding it hard to arrange new packing boxes, then Your Sydney Removalists is here to help. Also, you can buy some removalist straps and blankets in Sydney to ensure that you will have a safe and sound moving process.

Step 5: Start Packing

Packing is a critical process of moving your house, as packing the items wrongly can be disastrous. If you know how to pack, then it’s great, else you can even call our professionals to help you in packing your invaluable stuff correctly.

Confused whether you should pack things yourself or leave it to the professionals?

Step 6: The Move Day

Finally, it’s the day you have been waiting for so long! Now you can shift to your new location safely during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our expert removalists will assist you with unsurpassed services so that everything happens as per the plan.

We have instructed our moving and packing teams to take care of all the preventive measures advised by healthcare experts. Moreover, our staff will be at your doorstep with all the required gear, including face masks, and gloves to make moving your house as safe as possible.

Final Thoughts

At Your Sydney Removalists, we understand the criticalness of the situation, and therefore we have prepared our staff for the situation. We offer moving and packing services so that you can leave everything on us.
Are you planning to move your house? Get in touch with us to discuss more about your requirements. Click on the Contact Us Button to talk and talk to our representatives regarding the move.


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