Handy Tips to Move Antique Furniture Carefully

Antique furniture like the old dinner table or rocking chair is always more captivating and expensive as compared to regular furniture!

So moving them needs extra care, and following the same moving plan like regular furniture won’t help! Antique furniture is delicate, and a small mistake can lead to some disastrous outcomes.

But with these handy tips, you can move antique furniture carefully while protecting it from damages and keeping it in good shape.

Have a look at what tips you should follow when it comes to moving antique furniture items.

Call a Professional Removalist

Having a professional removalist at your side is vital to transport the furniture carefully. These agencies have big vehicles and trained professionals that can assist you in moving your goods from one place to another.

Furthermore, a celebrated agency will help you with a sure-shot plan to move your antique furniture with ease. So the first tip is to select a reliable removalist that can help you in shifting your antique furniture.

Don’t know how to choose a removalist? Here are some tips for choosing the best removalist in Bondi.

Prepare a List

Before you start with packing the items, consider preparing an inventory of what you have in the treasure! Visit every room and note down the antique pieces that need to be moved to the new location.

Making a list has various benefits like you can pack them thoroughly, or you have a track record of what you have shipped in the trucks.

This list will help you in unloading the items as well, and you can ensure that everything is at its place, ready to be organized in your new home.

Some expert removalists in Sydney suggest that you should take photographs of the antique items while creating an inventory. Taking pictures will help you with precise details of any damages so that you can go for any claims if applicable to the situation.

Get the Furniture Appraised

Antique furniture is expensive and irreplaceable so you should not miss a chance to get it appraised. Call a reliable appraiser to get an exact value of how much value the furniture actually holds. It will help you to claim any insurance benefits in case of any mishaps.

After getting the furniture appraised, discuss the terms with your local insurance agent to go for the best possible plan.

Start Packing

Moving antique items require you to invest in quality moving blankets, straps, and other such stuff that can protect your prestigious inheritance while you are moving. Here are some places to buy removalist straps and blankets in Sydney.

If you don’t want the hassles of arranging the moving stuff, then you can request your removalist to arrange these for you.

Best removalists like Your Sydney Removalists offer the required packing essentials to its customers, so they don’t have to run into any hassles.

When we are assisting you with our moving services, then you can expect a smooth and rewarding experience.

Unload and Unpack

Unloading is as crucial as loading the furniture into the truck because these two steps of the moving process involve the highest risk. But with a professional agency like Your Sydney Removalists, you can expect the unloading to be done carefully.

Our professional movers have the expertise to deal with antique furniture so that you can count on us.

To Sum Up

Antique furniture is more of the inheritance your family holds, so it becomes imperative to protect the furniture while moving it. Having Your Sydney Removalists by your side will surely help, and you can move to the new location without any hassles.

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