Helpful Tips to Move Heavy Boxes With Ease

One of the hardest parts of moving is handling the cumbersome boxes. The task is extremely laborious, tiring, and it can lead to various accidents because carrying heavy boxes isn’t easy at all. Being a reliable removalist in Bondi, we understand the pain, and that’s why we are here with some useful tips to follow while handling heavy boxes.

With these tips, you can minimize the chances of accidents while shifting to your new home with ultimate ease.

Start with Creating a Plan

The worst thing that can happen while moving is double-handling. Putting the boxes in the wrong room means exhausting more labour and time. Not only it’ll cost you more, but also there will be a mess around the house. 

Always create a plan and list the boxes according to the room where you want to put them. Furthermore, labelling them will be beneficial since it would be easier for the movers to understand what box belongs to what room. 

In the end, having a plan will help you tick-mark the list of boxes to make sure that everything is in place and you haven’t missed anything.

Muster Your House

Carrying heavy boxes requires more space, as the movers cannot walk from a narrow or congested area. Prepare your home and get ample space for the removalists to move the boxes. Also, try to place the boxes on priority basis.

The heavy boxes you want to move first should be placed first so that the moving team doesn’t have to walk through the hallway and multiple rooms to get those boxes.

Get Wheels for the Boxes

Carrying heavy boxes is a task, but you can follow this tip to make it easier! Get a handcart from a nearby hardware store so that you can transfer the boxes from the home to the big vehicles. Moreover, it will save you a lot of time, as you can take a significant load on a handcart.

Some reliable removalists in Bondi come equipped with handcarts and other necessary items, so you don’t have to arrange them. In short, hiring an excellent removalist is essential. 

Call Someone for Help

If you have decided to move boxes without a removalist, then call your friends and colleagues to help you out. Some boxes can be extremely heavy and carrying them alone isn’t possible at all. 

So you didn’t find anyone to help? Call Your Sydney Removalists, and we’ll help you in moving to your new house with all the heavy boxes and other stuff. 

Don’t Forget the Protective Gear

Gloves and footwear are essential when moving heavy boxes. The hard objects packed in these boxes can cause severe injuries, especially on the feet. Go and get protective gear for all the people helping you in the move.

If you have hired a removalist, then they will bring their own protective gear, and you don’t have to arrange anything.

Be Extra Careful at the Stairs 

When carrying heavy boxes up or down the stairs, get your body into the right posture. Walk a bit sideways so that you can have a clear view of the stairs . Lifting boxes on stairs is risky so you should scrutinize the stairs to ensure that these aren’t wet and slippery.

Don’t Stack the Boxes in Piles

After arriving at the new home, stack the boxes in an order so that they don’t form piles. Stacking up the boxes in piles has multiple cons, and these can fall on someone causing serious injuries.

Get the list you had made and place the boxes in the rooms they belong for the ease of unpacking.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques 

Using proper lifting techniques is imperative if you don’t want to end up with back pain or injuries in the muscles. You need to practice a bit before getting your hands on the boxes so that the moving process becomes hassle-free.

Here are some techniques you should learn to lift heavy boxes correctly.

Avoid Shonky Removalists 

Hiring shonky removalists means lifting the heavy boxes yourself, as they will offer worthless services. Always go with reliable removalists that are trusted by the populace.

It can be tough to find shonky removalists, so check out this: How to Avoid Shonky Removalists in Sydney article.

Final Thoughts 

Hiring a professional removalist is the best thing you can do when moving home! Expert movers are well aware of how to move heavy boxes, so you can get rid of the pain of lifting the cumbersome boxes. At Your Sydney Removalist, we are the experts’ movers in Bondi that can move almost anything from antique furniture to heavy boxes. Click on the Contact Us button to get in touch with us regarding a free quote on our services. Or you can even call us directly at 1300-343-471.


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