Here’s How You Should Plan Your Move in the Rain

So you are ready to move to your new resident, but the weather is something to worry about? Moving a house requires thorough planning; it isn’t a process you can do on a whim! If the forecast department has predicted rain on a particular day, then you have to be extra careful while moving.

There’s no need to cancel or postpone the move as some precautions will reward you with a drier and smoother moving process. Here are some essential tips you need to keep in mind while moving your home in wet weather.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Forecast

    Download the best weather prediction app to keep a check on the forecast! The weather forecast keeps on changing every day to show you the best possible outcomes for the day. The sole reason to check the weather forecast is to ensure that it will be a rainy day and you need to do all the preparations.

    Also, you can check if there are any storm alerts in your area to postpone the moving process for good.

  2. Wrap Everything for Added Protection

    Packing items is a demanding task, and it’s quite natural to feel lazy and tired. While you hop on your couch to have a nap, make sure that you have wrapped everything properly to fortify your invaluable items from water.

    Wrapping every item will ensure no water damages, and you there’s no need to dry those mouldy rugs after the moving process. If you feel that covering almost everything isn’t your cup of tea, then let Your Sydney Removalists help you.

    We offer packing services as well, and our experts will assist you in wrapping all the items to safeguard them from water.

  3. Keep some extra Bin Bags at Hand.

    Bin bags are the most affordable and ideal way to keep the items dry and protected from water. But the main problem is they tear easily. You should keep some extra bin bags at hand to replace the damaged bags on the go.

    Bin bags don’t cost a fortune, but they offer ultimate benefits if you are moving on a rainy day. Furthermore, you can even pack some boxes on bin bags, so there’s no need to splurge money on rain-proof covers.

  4. Waterproof Valuable Items

    We all have some items that are beyond precious, and bin bags aren’t enough to protect them from water. In order to safeguard these items, you need high-quality waterproof wrapping material that’s resistant to easy damages and can keep the water from damaging the items.

    It is better to rely on professionals like us to pack your goods using waterproof material. Here are some reasons why hiring professional packer services make more sense than DIY packing when it comes to moving in the rain.

  5. Minimise Carrying Distance

    So you have taken all the preventive measures to protect your belongings from rain? What about carrying them to the new property at the time of unloading them? Yes, most of the items are wrapped in bin bags and waterproof covers, but the furniture needs some extra care.

    The best way to protect your furniture from rains is by minimising the carrying distance. Park the vehicle as near as possible so that you have to cover less distance walking in the shower.

  6. Use a Temporary Cover

    It’s the right time to use the old camping gazebo as you can use it as a temporary cover. Using a gazebo to cover the furniture will keep it protected, and you can even use it at the time of unloading. Camping gazebos are made using waterproof material, so water cannot invade and damage your furniture provided that you have packed it correctly.

  7. Prioritise the Items

    If you are lucky enough to get a break from the wet weather, then move all the valuable items on priority! Make a list of things that are prone to damages due to water! The list should include beddings, paper sculptures, fairy floss, and some furniture items.

Is it safe to move during the rain?

Yes, it’s entirely safe to move during a rain provided that the conditions are favourable. There are some situations when you have to postpone the move as there’s no other choice! You cannot move during hailstorms, song winds, and lightning as the conditions aren’t good for moving.

Also, you should contact your removalist for making a better decision.


If you are planning to move in the upcoming days, then this expert’s guide to moving your house during the pandemic will help! Also, you can get in touch with Your Sydney Removalists to get a fool-proof moving plan.

We have a team of expert packers and movers that can even assist you with the best services. Click on he Contact Us button to get a quick service quote today.


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