How to Arrange Cardboard Boxes for Your House Move?

Undeniably, moving is a challenging task that needs you to invest your time, money, and 100% effort! No matter if you how much stuff you want to take to your new abode, you need to pack everything appropriately to make moving a breeze.

One of the essential components of moving is cardboard boxes. You need numerous cardboard boxes to pack your essentials while ensuring safety during moving.

But the question is where to get these boxes? 

Purchasing corrugated or cardboard boxes can break the bank if you decide to buy a set of new boxes.

Fortunately, you can arrange these boxes from some places at reasonable rates. Here in this article, we have elaborated on some of the best places to get cardboard boxes for your house move.


Gumtree is a place where you will surely get some hot deals on shipping boxes that are perfect for your house move. Show some research skills, and find the best cardboard boxes for your needs. You can even search for some deals where you can swap some of your old stuff in exchange with shipping boxes. During our research phase, we found some fantastic deals on cardboard boxes, and you should never miss them if you are planning to relocate to some other location.

Book Stores

Book stores aren’t solely for purchasing books! You can get some robust boxes in the nearby bookstores for a fair price. Usually, books are packed and shipped in high-quality boxes, and these are huge. We advise you to pay a visit or call the nearest bookstore to enquire about cardboard boxes.

Online Box Sellers

Let’s face it most of the boxes available at book stores and other such places can be in damaged condition or unfit for packing and shipping. So you cannot take any chance to use them to pack your valuable items. In that case, you can buy some boxes from some online sellers that will ship them to your location.

You will get the ultimate freedom to get a set of boxes as per your needs. Moreover, you can select the size and dimensions of the box according to your packing and shipping plan. A renowned cardboard box seller is Corrugated Carton Australia. You can choose the best cardboard boxes at reasonable prices.


This option will work for those who drive their vehicles to their respective workplaces. Offices and other premises receive tons of packages every single day. And you can get those boxes before the janitorial staff breaks them for the recycling process. You can easily transport these boxes into your vehicle to make things even more comfortable.

Rent From A Removalist

So you are not convinced to buy a set of boxes from online sellers? The best thing you can do is rent some of these boxes from a reliable removalist in Sydney. Packing and moving companies have a fleet of cardboard boxes that are exemplary for moving tasks.

Have you hired a moving company to assist you? You can ask them to borrow some of their shipping boxes, or you can request for packing services and can get a complete packing and moving service package at excellent prices.

Grocery Stores

If you need the boxes at minimal prices, then you can get them from a grocery store! Ask the owner of the store to save some fruit boxes for your pickup. These boxes are strong enough to sustain minor damages during transportation. Crack the deal with the store owner, and bring home some cardboard boxes for your next move.


Schools and colleges get tons of deliveries every day. What you can do is contact their janitorial staff and try to get the boxes. You can even offer some money in return to get the boxes in good shape.

What is the best way out of the above?

According to removalist experts, the best way to arrange cardboard boxes is by contacting a moving company that specializes in packing and moving. You can rent some boxes, as these are robust and are fit for transporting purposes.

Also, you can return the boxes to avoid any hassles of breaking and recycling them. Get in touch with some of the best domestic removalists in Sydney to get these boxes delivered to your doorstep.

Over To You

These are some places where you will quickly get cardboard boxes according to our requirements. Moreover, you need some other essentials like cargo tape and blade to pack your stuff neatly and tidily.

Do let us know what you think is the best way to get these boxes!

Make sure that you are packing everything while cross-checking the boxes multiple times to avoid any mishaps during transportation.

Happy Moving!


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