How to Avoid Shonky House Removalists in Sydney

If you are planning for the very first time, then there may be a case that you fall for shonky removalists! Yes, you’ve heard that right. Every industry has some bad elements, and the removalists industry is no exception.
These scammers offer highly-discounted deals that are irresistible, and people often believe them to save some extra bucks.
But you have to be extra sure that you aren’t dealing with someone who is going to extort money from you without rendering any services or offering worthless services.

But the question is it possible to find out these notorious movers?

Well, yes! Finding out shonky movers is possible, but it isn’t as easy as you think! These agencies also behave like the reliable ones, so it will be hard for you to tell whether they are scammers or not.
Below mentioned are some tips you can use to detect scammer removalists, and this way you can prevent a massive financial and mental blow.

Don’t Forget to Check on the Legitimacy.

Start with checking the legitimacy of the house movers in Sydney. You can check the website to look for the address and contact details. Also, check the About Us page to find out some more information about the agency.

If you feel anything suspicious like the address they have provided on the website doesn’t exist, then you should avoid partnering with the agency.

Take some help from apps like Google Maps to find out the location of the office by putting in the address.

So the agency you have planned to work with has a legitimate office address, here’s the next tip to follow.

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate in asking any questions to the service provider like for how long they are into business. A reliable company will share their portfolio with you depending on the jobs they have done, and for the time they are into this industry.

Working with an old company doesn’t mean it will be a reliable one. But you can quickly find it out by the representative’s way of talking, and how he is describing the previous moving projects handled by the company.

Check Testimonials

Having a look at the testimonials is an excellent way to know more about the company! A reliable removalists company eastern suburbs in Sydney will let their clients post their testimonials on the website. IF you see good testimonials on the site where the customers are giving their feedback, then it is a sign that the agency is not a scammer.

Look For Reviews

There are a plethora of platforms and forums available where the customers talk about their experience with a company. You can look for the reviews about the company to find out how they treat their customers and whether you are going to have a decent experience with them.

Ask For Their License

You can ask the company to show their license before trusting them with your valuables. A reliable agency with goodwill won’t hesitate in showing you the license and other such documents to prove their legitimacy.

Pay A Visit

You can even plan a visit to their office if you still have any doubts in mind. Furthermore, you can have a look at the vehicles the particular agency uses while meeting their teams, if possible! Make sure to get an appointment before you sit in your car and rush towards the removalist’s office.


After following these tips, you can partner with an excellent removalist to move your home or office. At Your Sydney Removalist, we are here to assist you in moving even during this pandemic situation.

We are a renowned Sydney-based company that has assisted hundreds of clients in moving to their new locations without any hassles.

You can get in touch with us to know more about what we offer. Or you can book an appointment if you want to meet us at our office premises.


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