Is It Better To Pack Your Boxes Or Leave It To The Professionals?

To Pack, or Not To Pack! This question will strike your mind if you are planning to move. Undeniably, moving is a phase where you have to juggle with a lot of hassles. You have to plan everything according to your moving plan so that you won’t miss anything at the last minute.

Packing is one of the most vital factors when it comes to moving because everything depends on how the stuff packed. Yes, self-packing may seem more pocket-friendly, but some cons come attached to it. We have elaborated the answer to this question, and this article covers all the pros and cons related to self-packing and professional packing.

Pros and Cons Associated with Self Packing

Packing your stuff at your own seems to be a feasible option, as it appears that no one can pack our things better than us. But in reality, things are different! The type of packing will impact the move significantly, and also it has a lot to do with the protection of your items during transportation. Here are some pros and cons of self-packing you need to know before making any decision.



It is one of the most significant advantages of self-packing that you will save a considerable amount of money. When you choose self-packing, then there is no need to hire a professional crew, and you can keep the cash payable to them. Also, you can curtail the expenses of using the sturdy moving boxes. You can buy some containers from the local store, which are more affordable than the sturdy moving boxes. But these boxes are not that reliable, and your items can get damaged.


Another perk of self-packing is the convenience of time. You will get the ultimate flexibility of schedule, as you have to do everything on your own. Either you can pack the boxes at night or during the day time, you have the freedom to decide.


Time Consuming

Packing all the items by you is extremely exhausting as well as time taking. You have to pack all the boxes and label them, which is not less than a task full of hassles. Moreover, you need to pay attention that you are packing things properly, which again consumes a lot of time.

No Liability Coverage

You must have heard about the liability coverage removalists offer when you choose their packing service. Unfortunately, in the case of self-packing, there is no liability coverage,! If something gets damaged during transportation or loading/unloading, then you cannot claim a refund for it. It is one of the most significant disadvantages of self-packing because it can cost you huge bucks.

Inappropriate Packing

Inappropriate packing is the primary culprit why items get damaged during transportation. Also, you will have to face a lot of troubles while finding your stuff due to improper packing. You need to pack all the glassware and electronics in separate boxes. If you pack them in the same table, then there are high chances that you may lose some of your precious items during the moving process.

Pros and Cons Associated Professional Packing Services


High-Quality Packing

When you choose professional packing services, then you are naturally choosing high-quality packing materials. These removalists will use new sturdy boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, lots of bubble wrap, and other essential packing materials. It will not only fortify your stuff but also it will reward you with the ease of un-boxing.

Quick Solutions

Professional packers and movers have a solution to everything. They can pack your stuff as per the strategy, which makes the whole process real faster and easier. These companies are highly proficient in packing things on the go using their fool-proof packing plans.

Fewer Hassles

Professional packing has less or no hassles when compared to self-packing. When you have a crew on board, then there is no need to worry about anything. The packers will pack everything while labeling the boxes properly. Everything from electronics to other fragile items will be packed separately for added safety.

Liability Coverage

You can enjoy the benefits of liability coverage only when you choose professional packing services. The packers are responsible for any uncertainties, and you will get the promised claim against your items if something goes wrong.

Add-on Services

Renowned removalists have cutting-edge equipment to handle complex packing situations. If your favourite piano is big enough to fit the door, you can request some add-on services from the professional packers to include it.


Increased Expenditure

When you are choosing professional packing services, you have to pay more. These packing services can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the type of requirement, and number of items you want to take with you.

Inflexible Schedule

You will have to work as per the schedule of packers and movers, so it will not be that flexible as you will get with self-packing. The company will assign you a program, and you have to plan things according to it.

What Should You Choose?

After comparing the pros and cons of self-packing and professional packing, we concluded that professional preparation is way better than self-packing.

 You don’t have to run into the hassles of packing a lot of things. Also, you can save a lot of your precious time while focusing on other aspects of the moving process. Lastly, you will get full coverage of your items which is the biggest reason why you should rely on professional removalists for packing.

These companies will assist you in labeling the boxes as well as proper packing. In the end, you will get the ultimate benefits with fewer hassles and the freedom you need while moving to a new location.


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