Smart Ways to Save Money When Moving to A New House

Most homeowners drop the plan of moving to a new house due to the costs! Houses aren’t cheap these days, and when the cost of moving adds, it can be overwhelming. The COVID-19 restrictions are easing in Australia, but still, some folks are afraid to resume house hunting.

Well, the cost of the house depends on what your preferences and location you want to move to, but we can help you in saving a significant amount when it comes to moving.

Here are some smart ways you should use to save money on your next move

Comparing the Quotes is Indispensable 

After you decide the house, you want to move to, start getting quotes from the best removalists in Sydney. Getting multiple quotes will help you in determining the most reliable and affordable movers that are worth hiring.

Also, discuss your budget with the removalists so that you get a service plan under your budget. In a nutshell, comparing multiple quotes can help you save a significant amount, and nothing can be greater than this.

Plan the Move on Weekdays 

You might have heard that moving on weekends costs more as compared to the weekdays! The reason behind is the number of bookings the removalists receive. Everyone is free on these two days of the week, so you have to pay more if moving during weekends.

Try to plan the move on a less popular day to save money. Don’t hesitate in talking to the movers and ask them to provide a few less popular dates.


A general thumb rule says: the more stuff you take, the more you have to pay! If you are planning to take everything you have in your old house, it could turn out to be extravagantly expensive. Get rid of the items you think are of no use, so that you can minimise the items required to move.

Also, organising a garage sale will help you with some bucks that you can use when moving.

Ask Your Friend and Family to Help in Packing

 While it is the best idea to hire professionals for packing, if you have a tight budget, you can ask your buddies to help you out. When you are on a mission of saving money every dollar count, and you can save money while getting someone to help you in packing.

Further, you can ask the removalists to offer a package of moving and packing services. Getting both services clubbed can help you save some money.

Arrange the cardboard boxes 

It would be great if you arrange the cardboard boxes and removalists blankets. By getting these essentials, you can cut off an additional expense from the list that is renting the boxes. Also, arrange other materials like old linens and towels which you can use to pack the materials in the boxes.

So, you don’t know where to find the cardboard boxes? Here’s how to arrange cardboard boxes for your house move.

Easy to Unpack Kitchen Appliances Will Save Your Day 

One of the hidden costs that most folks ignore is the cost of the meals when you have your kitchen essentials packed in boxes. It’s natural to order meals which can add up to the total cost. 

Make sure that these essentials are easy to unpack so that you can prepare the meal on the go. Just ensure that the tableware such as plates, glasses, spoons, and other such stuff that you need to eat.


With all these clever ways, the best thing you can do is hiring a dependable removalist that assists you in moving to the new location at affordable prices. Always enquire before hiring the removalists as there are some shonky movers in the area as well. You can follow these tips to avoid shonky removalists.

At Your Sydney Removalists, we are here to help you with moving to the new house. Our services are reasonably priced, and we don’t hesitate in recommending you some more tips that will save you money.Click on the Contact Us button to get a no-obligation quote.


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