What Is The Average Cost Of Moving a 2-Bedroom Apartment?

How much does an actual move cost? Well, it is one of those questions which most people find it hard to get an answer.

The fact is, there is no specific cost of moving. Charges vary in every location. Other factors like the distance covered when you’re moving, the number of items you want to transport, and the add-on services you are going to get with your moving company will all have an impact on the final price.

If you are planning to move to Sydney, then certain factors will add up to the total cost of the process.

1. Size of the Property

The first thing that impacts the total cost of moving is the size of your property. If you have a small size property like a two-bedroom apartment, the moving expense will be less. However, if you have a large mansion, expect the cost to go higher. This is because moving things in a big size house will be longer and it will be hard for movers to finish the job quickly, especially if you have lots of rooms in your home. 

2. Number of Upholstery Items

Furniture will surely increase the cost of moving because the movers will have to disassemble the furniture before loading it on the truck. If you have a sofa, a couch, and a set of dining chairs in your home, then you should prepare to shell out more money for transporting these items. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to sell these items or not take them with you, then the cost will be comparatively lesser.

3. Already Packed? Or Looking to Pack?

Have you packed the items in respective boxes? Are you ready for the moving crew to load your stuff on their trucks? If yes, then you are likely to pay less because movers won’t have to pack up your belongings. Having movers to pack your items is convenient; however, it can cost you an extra charge. 

Make sure you’ve disassembled the furniture so that the crew can load it on their trucks without wasting much time.

Loose items require more time, as the movers will have to arrange them properly for a seamless journey. It will cost you more if the movers have to arrange things for you.

4. Total Distance

How far is the new property from your residence? If you are to move within 100 kilometers from your old location, then it will be considered as a local move and will cost less. With the increment in the distance, the cost will increase since certain factors like traffic, fuel costs, and approvals from local organizations will also be included in the computation.

Also note that the longer the travel time, the higher the fee.

5. Parking Area

If there are parking areas available on both your old home and new property, then you can save some money. If we talk about moving to Sydney, then finding a parking space can be a daunting task. It can even become a nightmare in the busy hours when the traffic is at peak. Generally, the trucks from moving companies can do between 30-80 trips a day, depending on the total distance, climatic conditions, and traffic.

So, if there is no parking area, then it will add more time to the moving process, thus increasing the total cost. In case there is an unloading dock attached to your property, then you should ensure that there are at least 7.7 meters in clearance for heavy vehicles and 3.2 meters in clearance for small trucks.

6. Are there any Stairs and Lifts?

If your apartment is on the second or third floor, then movers have to take the stairs or the lift to move the items to the moving trucks. The same goes for the new property. If you are moving to an apartment above the ground floor, then it will take a longer time to move the items.

There are certain factors involved, like the number of stairs or the size of the lift. The moving team cannot take items weighing more than the allowed limit (in case of taking the elevator). More time means you have to pay more for the moving service.

The reason why we incorporated these factors in this article is to make it easy for you to understand why the price of moving varies. Also, there are some other factors like climatic conditions and road conditions that will have an impact on the moving process, thus also affects the cost of moving.

Estimated Time Taken To Move within Sydney

Most moving companies in Sydney will charge on an hourly basis, so you also need to consider this. Approximately, it can take anywhere between 50-60 minutes to load ten cubic meters, and the same goes for the unloading. If you are looking to move from a two-bedroom apartment, then it will take between 4-6 hours to load your stuff, and then the same time will be utilized in the unloading process.

Moving can be quicker if you have packed everything tidily and if you only have few items to take with you. Some movers in Sydney will charge a minimum 2-hour service, no matter how quickly the moving task is accomplished. Also included in the charges is what the moving company quoted you in your contract, so you need to ensure you understand policies before signing the contract.

What Is The Average Cost of Moving in Sydney?

So we have calculated the prices based on the factors mentioned above. Also, we have considered and compared some quotations to give you an estimate price.

Generally, movers charge $130-$150 an hour, which includes the total cost for two movers and the moving vehicle along with the GST. If you have more items to load, then you need three men and one truck, including GST, which will cost you $170-$190 depending on what type of services you choose.

Moving from a two-bedroom apartment will cost you somewhere around $385 to $745. It will include two movers and one truck. The overall moving process will take approximately 4-6 hours. Also, a $65- $70 travel charge will be added if you are moving within Local Metro City.

The rates can increase if you are planning to move on a busy day. If you have heavy furniture items, then the cost may increase. Availing some add-on services like packing, moving of special items can also make the price go up.

Are These Prices Justifiable?

Hiring moving services will always have risks. We have calculated the costs based on the charges from a professional removalist in Sydney, who is well-versed with the moving process.

Choosing unprofessional moving services will not guarantee you a lower price. Moving involves a multitude of risks, so it is better to choose someone who can ensure a seamless moving without any hassle.

You can even negotiate the price while booking the moving company. It is an approximate price that will fluctuate based on the factors explained above.

Are you planning to move to a new apartment? Your Sydney Removalists would love to assist you throughout the process.  Our charges are reasonable, and we can move anywhere within the locations listed on our website.

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